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ChassisSim is a client that has pioneered the most accurate high-end racing simulation technology in the world. They allow professional drivers to experiment with different car, track and weather conditions to maximise their performance.

Driver in the Loop is their cutting edge Augmented Reality technology that allows drivers to actually experience racing in different conditions, and with different tweaks applied to their cars.

We helped ChassisSim to deliver Driver in the Loop, solving technical problems to bring it to launch.

"I've been working with No Moss Studios since 2017. I was given a near still born Unity project that I had to get out the door and the crew at NoMoss was the critical difference. After trying several Unity developers the crew were able to understand what was required and delivered everything that was required for what was a difficult job. If you need any Unity work done you'd have rocks in your head if you didn't consider No Moss Studios."

-"Danny Nowlan - CEO of ChassisSim


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