Australian Indie Games to Keep An Eye On This 2022

Ann Li Khaw

Ann Li Khaw

Happy New Year! 2022 is an exciting year for Australian Indie Games with several cool titles coming up! Here’s a couple the No Moss Studios team is keen for!

Blueberry's title screen and a screenshot of in-game gameplay, featuring kid Blueberry in the bathroom with her mother.


Blueberry is an emotional story platformer, where you go on a journey through Blueberry’s life from start to finish, piecing together shattered memories, find missing ones and unravel the mystery of her trauma. We first got to know of this through Freeplay Festival 2021, and were immediately charmed by the idea of trawling through a character’s colourful mindscape. The potential for soulful storytelling drew us in!

You can wishlist Blueberry it on Steam here.

Screenshots of in-game gameplay, featuring a scene in the hospital with the staff and a granny.

Wayward Strand

Yet another game with heartfelt moments is Wayward Strand, a point and click adventure game set in an airborne hospital and its inhabitants. You play as an intrepid teenage journalist, visiting the curious airship to uncover its mysteries and the stories everyone on board has to tell. We found it interesting that this is a narrative game that doesn’t wait for you— time passes for everyone and the eclectic cast of characters continue their lives without waiting for you to interact with them. You miss stories and even people you can get to know, just like in real life.

Wishlist Wayward Strand on Steam here.

Screenshots of in-game gameplay, featuring the lamb cult as well as the communal area where your community lives.

Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb is an adorably disturbing dungeon crawler where you grow your own woodland cult, reinforcey our followers’ devotion, and destroy non-believers. Like Blueberry, we learnt of Cult of the Lamb at the Freeplay’s MIGW Showcase (Melbourne International Games Week 2021), and were immediately drawn to the prospect of building our own flock as the new lamb god. We can be cute and influential!

You can pop it onto your wishlist here.

Screenshots of in-game gameplay, featuring the forest in Victoria National Park.


Miska is a narrative-driven adventure game about nature, memories and climate change. You follow a woman’s hike up Mt Miska in beautiful Victorian National Park. Through helping to clean up the environment, you help her rekindle her connection to the forest around her, and hear her reflections on her relationship with her family. We enjoyed seeing this calming game of restoration, as well as appreciation for local flora and fauna. You can also pet wild animals in Miska, which was a definite plus to us!)

You can wishlist Miska on Steam here.

(Please don’t pet wild animals in real life!)

Screenshots of in-game gameplay, featuring the magical inn and the playable characters.


Innchanted is a heartful, hectic, co-op set in a fantasy universe inspired by Australian-Indigenous tales. You run a magical inn where you brew potions, cook and serve demanding customers. On top of all that, there’s the evil wizard and his monsters to battle! We love this adorable fast-paced game, and are proud to have had a part in supporting DragonBear Studios in its development!

Be sure to wishlist Innchanted on Steam here.

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