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Developed in Melbourne by DragonBear Studios, Innchanted is a co-op adventure where you discover magical potions, serve otherworldly guests, and pacify monsters.

We helped the team at DragonBear Studios, lending our networked multiplayer development expertise to support remote play during the pandemic.

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Techno Chicken

Chicken Techno is a viral Youtube video that had a number of off-brand and unlicensed limitations, across Youtube and mobile app stores.

We worked with the official IP in order to develop a licensed and delightful experience for fans of the video to enjoy.

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Duped is a introspective puzzle game that forces players to confront their ideas of identity and existence. We originally published it on Steam, before positive reception to the game encouraged us to publish it to other platforms.

We ported the game to Nintendo Switch, and may bring the game to more platforms to bring these ideas to new sets of players.

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Our Reputation

our clients say...

"Working with them was, and continues to be, a great experience." - Ronan Glennane, CEO of Ronan Glennane Productions

"After trying several Unity developers the crew were able to understand what was required and delivered everything that was required for what was a difficult job." - Danny Nowlan, CEO of ChassisSim

"Gosh - I love having you in our team!" - Paulina Samy, Managing Director at DragonBear Studios

the press says...

"The perfect combination of simple mechanics with challenging methods of execution." - Womanz

"A refreshing perspective on the platform format [that] is likely to stay with you long after finishing a play-through." - Checkpoint Gaming

"A triumph of scope - an absolute treat." - PC PowerPlay

"No Moss Studios has positioned itself as one of the country’s most innovative studios." - InGames